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Never Forget Your First Crush: Celebrating my Contract with Hartline Literary Agency

When have I not known what to write? That has never been a problem for me. Writer’s block is something to pound through, not something to wring hands over. Perhaps … Continue reading

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How many REAL friends do you have? Look Up, because it’s a beautiful world and we’re missing it

It’s time to plan summer. We will not be spending long, beautiful soCal days locked onto our devices in this house. I’m going to look up, look into my daughter’s … Continue reading

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The art of doing stuff…why do we do what we do?

Every dollar I save by doing something myself is money I can put towards something I can’t make or do myself. Can’t wait to see what her lessons are… Read … Continue reading

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Sevenly proves people are the core of business – This week’s Kind Campaign – what one company can do to raise money for a good cause

The climate of purchasing is changing. Companies like Sevenly are changing the face of the core behind corporations. The people. How can a company that sells t-shirts turn around and … Continue reading

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Frozen Fractals – how to plan your Frozen Birthday party using Pinterest ideas, etsy, and inspiration

Frozen is out, for download, on We watched it on Saturday night, all cuddled up with the girls’ Olaf’s and Svens… It was a popcorn, girl-food fiesta! and when we … Continue reading

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Happy Sun-Day! these Rapunzel Tangled Inspired Confetti Sunbursts on sale this week through Recession Home

These Tangled Inspired Confetti suns are on sale to celebrate the sun! springtime! and all things WARM!!! Order your Tangled Sun confetti this week! aren’t my sweet Ray’s hands beautiful? … Continue reading

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Cool To Be Kind – What to do when your child is bullied – Because chances are both are hurting

I’m a wordsmith, a writer, and my kids have always enjoyed excellent vocabularies. Yesterday, they learned a new word. One I’d rather they not know, or understand what it feels … Continue reading

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A look back, Last Year’s Farm Party with Petting Zoo — corral fun for all

When Ray decided she wanted her farm party, I wanted her to have all that and more. It’s all about the entrance. My hubby came on board with the enormous painted windmills… … Continue reading

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To be 10 again — Happy Birthday notes to my 10 year old daughter on this her 10th birthday

Ten years old. Blue eyes bright, sparkling with wonder, determination, always ready for adventure, never one to be left behind. You take so much more after your dad than me, … Continue reading

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Latest lemon to lemonade–Play-structure conversion to rabbit hutch!

This lemon tree is full of helping hands… These little misshapen fruit are actually a sign of good fortune. I could’ve told you that! Yes. 70° temperatures in Southern California … Continue reading

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