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California Gold Rush

Well, here’s another idea for the books.

I’ve been to Pampered Chef parties. I’ve been to Lia Sophia and Cookie Lee jewelry parties. I’ve bought candles from Party Lite, and decorations from Home Interiors. Their products line my kitchen, bath, and bedroom.

What to bring to a gold party

But never. Ever. EVER have I gone to a party where I got to come home with more cash than I left with. Here’s what happened:

About a week ago one of my friends invited me to a “Gold Party.”

Um, excuse me? Gold Party?

She suggested we go through our jewelry boxes, find the little trinkets and what-nots that were dented, broken, or that we never wore anymore and bring a little pouch of gold to have it weighed, measured, and purchased while we chatted and let the kids run around and play.

SURE. Why not, I think. Inside, I’m thinking about my jewelry case. Full of mostly costume trinkets, with one or two items worth saving for posterity. There were some question marks in there. Some pieces hopelessly out of style, inherited from here and there, with a big question mark as to where they came from.

Before you ask, yes, they take a commission. They should. My goodness, I’ve never seen anyone work as hard or as steadily as Kourtney did today. And, yes, they have much calculating to do between weights, and carats, and the daily price of gold. No, I am not in a place where I would want to be on the purchasing end of things. Those of you who know me well understand that math is not my thing. HOWEVER hosting a party? I say a resounding YES. I’ll host a gold party. I’ll dig around and see if I can find anything to take for another one.

The biggest question stirring the tables wasn’t whether any of the gold bracelets, earrings, or necklaces should be parted with. It was a toss up between:

How much did you get?


Should I tell my husband?

If you’re weighing the options on whether or not hosting/attending a Gold Party would be your thing? Don’t wait another second! Go. Oh, but be sure you check the price of gold on the day you attend. AND you can take that idea, and the cash you bring out with you, to the bank!


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