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Spell it Out, Valentine!

We just recently rearranged rooms around, (read all about it in “Flipping our Furniture”) as testament to the fact that we are never going to move.

At any rate, during the flipping, there was the case of the games. GAMES. Upon Games. Upon MORE games. And, three–count ’em–three Scrabble games. Who needs that many? I have no idea.

While browsing around on FaceBook, I stumbled across my crafty friend, Hilary, who posted some Scrabble Valentine’s Decorations of her own. Cah-Ute!!

I dragged the scrabble games off the yard sale pile, and have set them to work. Here are the pictures of the Scrabble Tile Valentines that inspired me… I’ll also be loving on my mantle, shortly.

Therefore, what you need:

  • Miscellaneous Scrabble Tiles
  • Glue Gun (My goodness, how could I live without it?!)
  • ScrapBook Paper / or plain paper with hearts drawn on? Use your imagination…
  • Frames of various sizes.
  • A heart full of schmoopy love…

Mine will be added soon!


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This entry was posted on January 27, 2011 by in Holiday, Project, Repurpose.

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