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Lemons to Lemonade – Heart Strings Project

How does one get to this:

Heart String

From this?!:

Oh, NO!!

All we know is, per my hubby who watches late night hockey, the neighbors were up late.
And we get up early. REALLY early.
First, the anger, then, acceptance. The girls danced under the wind-blown paper strands, saying it looked like the Ay-Wah tree from Avatar.
My hubby decided it would be EQUALLY fun to un-decorate their tp project before the kids woke up–about a 16 roller by the time we got it all done. Ha ha. Joke’s on you! It really is how you look at it. You can get mad or you can decide to have fun with it! so the kids helped. And we picked up toilet paper for about 30 minutes. Lots of hands make light work! 

Thanks, Ell!

In that time, we saw three hot air balloons take flight, then my hubby took the kids to go get donuts, and I had 16 tp tubes to attack a project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile!
Thanks to Disney Family Fun magazine, I rocked the Heart Strings project!
First, you need to ransack your craft closet for supplies… here’s what I had on hand…
  • Toilet Paper Rolls – Empty
  • Paint brush
  • Red Paint
  • Pink Paint
  • Glitter (red / iridescent )
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Beads – we had Valentiney looking crystal ones…
  • They said Embroidery Floss, but I had red & silver thread…
  • Fat sewing Needles
  • TIME. This took ALL FLIPPIN’ day.

Step 1! Cut tubes in 1/2 & paint part red and part pink & dry.  (IF YOU DON’T have spray adhesive, just skip to step 3. They’ll still be really cute.)


Paint your cardboard!

Step 2! Spray dray tube with spray adhesive & sprinkle glitter in plastic bag. Shake. Dry again.

If you've got glitter & adhesive!

Step 3! Let kids sort out ABC pattern with the beads while you cut halves to inch wide sections. Flatten, then pinch and push into heart shapes  & start stringing.

Heart strings...

TRICK: Loop thread around bead to secure in place…

Keep going, until you’re out of cardboard… now you have a heart string!

Here’s our finished product…

Heart String on Mantle

I have another one hanging from the windows, and a third hanging from the chandelier.  All in all, kept everyone busy ALL day, and free craft supplies for the project! JOB WELL DONE, Everyone!

Including the neighbor kids.

Heart String in the dining room!



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