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This Way, That Way Signs

I’ve seen many requests for Alice in Wonderland This Way, That Way signs. All important, when creating a full immersion birthday party. Kids can walk into the world of Alice…and this shows them the way. Sort of.

These are great, because these cheap, easy decorations both incite laughter and confusion! We had a few for my oldest’s Alice in Wonderland party…

I borrowed one from the local Theater Company’s production warehouse (my Temecula friends rock!):

This Way That Way Sign

This Way, That Way Sign

But this is easily made with some scrap 2x4s and a little ingenuity & neon paint!

For your convenience, I’ve also made some quick, easily printable Legal Sized (8 1/2 x 14) signs. Punch them up with glitter!

This Way Sign

That Way Sign

We made others by cutting them out of cardboard boxes or school poster board projects, and marker-drawing the This Way, That Way, and glittering the borders.

This Way Sign

This Way Sign

Have fun! and happy decorating!



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