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How to Host a Tangled Rapunzel Party

I’ve mentioned before about what decorations I wanted to do, what food I wanted to serve, and what games we wanted to play for Rachel’s 7th birthday party, but here is what we actually managed to put together:

DECORATIONS: I’ll be honest. For this “at home party” I invested 3 weeks of my spare time. But, that’s just me.

NOW I help others by providing Tangled Decorations on my Store:

Like these:

Lately, things like these little beauties:

Tea light shades inspired by Rapunzel, Tangled

and these…printables you can make yourself!

DIY Printable Tangled Inspired Lantern in pillar form

Details are the key to an excellent party — from the little adornments on fruit and cheese platters, to the jello boats, to dressing windows or arch ways with banners.

Is it just me? I tend to become rather obsessive when it comes down to details that no one will probably notice, but I love them, my daughter got to help, and it made the whole event magical.

  • Lanterns created by using the Disney Family Lantern craft out of scrap book paper–all in theme colors to our event.Truth? The lanterns took up the majority of my prep time. Even still, I’d do them all over again. Here’s how they turned out:

Rapunzel Inspired Tangled Lantern

They added a Lovely, glowing look to our little party.  I experimented with making them different shapes and sizes, and even cut them in half, for making hoods for the Fairy Lights… Here’s how we make them now…

RecessionHome’s Tangled Lanterns Gleaming


  • Lanterns, Fairy Lights, & Flags

    Due to rain, we strung tons of fairy lights inside.  I ran them up, taping the paper lanterns carefully so none touched any of the bulbs. It gave the illusion of floating lantern lights throughout the house!

    Rapunzel Hair Garland Stair Garland

  • Rapunzel’s Hair garlanded the stairs, knotted with large, purple, silk bows — this took about two pounds of yarn to create, and I could have done far more but I ran out of time and energy! NOTHING like a back and forth, up and down the stair race to get the blood pumping! We threaded her hair with glow necklaces, to give the illusion of glowing locks. Fairy lights would have done equally well, in my opinion.
Hair Garland wrapped upstairs

Hair garland wrapped upstairs — AFTER the party!!

  • Pennant flags— Purple fabric triangles, purchased with a JOAnne’s coupon, from about 3 yards, cut to size using SuperMom’s pattern for Paper pennants.I figure, it’s either money spent on ink or cloth, and I liked the look of the cloth ones. I also bought a few yards of gold fabric which a friend with a roll cutter cut to 1 1/2 inch strips and happily stitched them all together. We had one for each window (about 10 flags per strip), and one for the front of the mantle, and another for the cake display table, and food buffet.

They turned out so FABULOUS that I am now selling them at my Esty Store… I was able to borrow a die cutter and sun die – however I’ve since found an amazing one from Sizzix — and purchased myself a fantastic Big Shot Die Cutter machine from Overstock. With a friend’s help, I cut out strips of yellow fabric, and royal purple fabric triangles–then, while she sewed, I pasted a million yellow suns while I watched countless  Bones reruns.

Paper Suns

Rapunzel Tangled Pennant Banner Flags

Tangled Cloth Pennants Outside

Decorate ANYWHERE with the Pennant Banner

  • I pasted the leftover Paper Suns all over our entry way in what I created “Rapunzel’s Tower.” We made a game of it to count the suns, and whoever got it right would win a prize, but in all of our excitement, we forgot to play! If you need more game ideas, don’t forget to visit our Tangled Party Games Page!
  • Finally, the Rapunzel Painting of her lantern lights–which my daughter and I cut lanterns out of construction paper, made construction paper trees, and a skyline, and pasted on a wide swatch of black butcher paper.This made a dramatic entry to the party, and also was super fun to put together with my little girl’s assistance! I really wish I would have taken a picture of this before it got all crunched up, and repurposed for the playroom (seen pictured here.)

    Rapunzel’s “Painting” – done with construction paper and butcher paper backing

  • This was a delightful project with my birthday girl, allowing her to add her creative input, and paste the trees, and lanterns in a “plume” over the horizon! We discussed Matisse, and how one can make art from construction paper cut outs! (I know, I am completely insane…) but that’s another story for another day!
    • For the “Dance Off”, I found a fantastic disco ball at Big Lots for under $10.00 — this made a great birthday gift, that we used during the party. What could be more fun than 19 little girls, and assorted siblings, freeze dancing with a colorful disco ball?!

FOOD: I layered the tables with Smart and Final paper table cloths that drape like actual fabric, and used lanterns and leftover fabric accents from the other decorations. We also used Cast Iron Pans to serve food, butters, and hold dips.

Tangled Squash Hazelnut Soup Containers

  • Rapunzel’s favorite Squash Hazelnut Soup – Love the recipe from Disney Family Fun web site, but as time was limited, I opted for the Spicy Squash soup from Fresh and Easy. Delicious, sweet, and spicy–with no nuts included, as several of my daughter’s friends have peanut/nut allergies. Served in the crock pot, warm all night, served with toppings of chives and bacon bits. Heavenly! I also splurged at Smart and Final on toss-away paper soup cups and wide bowled spoons. By far, more appreciated by the parents then the kids! (If you can’t find them, send me a comment, and I can get them for you!!)
Braided Orange Biscuits

Delicious Braided Orange Biscuits! Make ahead to enjoy with the hazelnut soup!

  • Braided biscuits – also from Disney Family Fun with a cheat…no time for baking! as all of our time was spent on decorations. Therefore, some quick drop biscuits using Bisquick mix did the trick!
  • Fruit and vegetable platters, as my daughter loves to nibble — served in Cast Iron Pans! Seriously, easy, fun, and decorative for the table! Thanks, Costco, for providing easy to transfer platters of colorful treats!
  • Brownie tray, because, yum. Again, purchased from Costco–delectable brownies stacked gloriously on a tray, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Delicious.
  • Jelly Sandwiches–I’d intended on getting the “Sun” shaped cookie cutter that SuperMom referred to to cut out the jelly sandwiches, but again, we ran out of time. So, we opted with heart shaped, instead.
Now… for the piece de resistance! Mini Pennant Skewers for useful decorations!!!

  • We used ours in Jello Boat Floats — because there’s ALWAYS room for Jello, and SuperMom had the delicious idea of topping little orange boats with paper flags! I reduced her paper pennant flag template and created these little printables, then cut out and glue-gunned to toothpicks. Then, you insert the toothpick flags into orange slices “floating” in the boats. They made exceptional treats over Blueberry Jello, served in clear plastic glasses. Watch out. These go FAST!!! make extra. We had 24, and they were summarily devoured!

Here’s how ours turned out…

Jello Boats with Mini Pennant Flags

And, of course… the cake. We made a 4 layer, Rapunzel Tower Cake with fondant decor…

Rapunzel Tangled Tower Cake -- The night before...


I’d researched how to best organize a party, and decided that an activity worked while guests were arriving, with the highest energy games as the best way to get the party rocking! So, the first of our series of games went like this:

    • Balloon Launch — This was an unintended game, but fun all the same! I taught my girls how to tie balloons, and they filled and tied several while we were setting up other things. When the kids arrived, they all set to an impromptu balloon float and keep away. What fun! to keep balloons from touching the ground!
    • Coloring Station — until the girls all arrived, we had a coloring station set up with printable pictures from the Disney Fun Site along with a huge basket of crayons. They colored and wrote out journal entries, and had a blast! this was also fun for the girls who weren’t interested in playing games throughout the party, or for smaller kids to hang out with their moms.
    • Find the Jewel –– we’d hidden a plethora of chunky diamond gems (purchased in the Michael’s Silk Plant aisles) all over the house. Rachel did the hiding, most in plain sight. She organized the girls with little bags, and set them off searching! they were off like little rockets, my daughter directing traffic. The object was to find as many as possible. The outcome, with 19 girls searching, the most any one girl found was 7. The others all had a few or none. SO we made sure everyone found “something” and the girl who won received a prize. All got to keep their gems, which was a huge hit!
    • Dress Like a Princess — This game is designed to get the girls using their imagination, as well as team work! We divided the girls into three teams. Each team chose a model, and designers. The designers all get rolls of toilet paper for creating the dresses, headpieces, and associated “jewelry.” This was absolutely astounding. Using rolls of cheap toilet paper, they worked and discussed, and planned, and created elaborate costumes! PLUS, it had the added bonus of needing no adult interaction for about 20 minutes! AND, as a bonus, every time I sensed a lull, I would shout, “Five more minutes!” “Four more minutes!” and they would FRENZY into action. Hilarious! we took pictures, and declared a three way tie to be broken by the next game.
    • WALK Like a Princess— For this game, I found hard cover journals in the $1 aisle at Michaels. This also served as a special give-away for each girl. We had them line up, and place a book on their head, then walk back and forth in a long path. If they made it more than twice, they were in the “tie breaker” round. The final kids did a “walk off” where we determined the winner, and for the prize, we gave a book.

      Tangled Chapter Book as prize…

Tangled Chapter Book
  • Rapunzel’s Hair Jump — Another high energy game, we had a jump rope with hair ribbons on the ends. The entrants lined up, and jumped rope up to a certain point. If it was obvious the jumper was a “ringer,” we had them step aside for the tie breaker round. The winner received a jump rope, also bought from the $1 store!
  • Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider — this one I borrowed from SuperMom. A great, fun game that everyone can play! Download your frying pan here, and if you’re handy with copying, freehand draw a Flynn Rider wanted poster. Otherwise, enlarge one of the Flynn Rider posters from Disney Family Fun! A great, fun game with a prize bought at Walmart–what better than a fairy princess window gel sticker?

Finally, the games were at an end. THE CAKE!!!Time to sing Happy Birthday, devour the cake (sob! yes, I invested WAY too much time in the cake)…

Have your cake, and eat it, too!

Rapunzel Tangled cake, devoured…

open presents…

Friends, the best gift of all...

Friends, the best gift of all…

and have a dance off!

Dance Off!

I discovered the BEST party music on — the Disney Channel Station! The dance off was made SUPER easy with the use of my iPad, and quick pausing fro freeze dance. Which, everyone won, and no one was out. Because, really, what’s fun about that?

Rapunzel Hair Tie

For give aways, I made “Rapunzel Hair Ties” in a modified version of the Disney Family Fun hair tie. Instead of wrapping felt, I bought cheap, pretty silk flowers, separated, and glued them and ribbons to pony-tail holders. I followed the pattern, just shortening the process by using the already ready flowers! the result was magical. Each girl selected one on their way out, to go in their goodie bag.

No, we didn’t get to launch the lantern balloons. Boo!

Our party was all indoors and glowy, thanks to a Southern California rain storm that didn’t let up! BUT, no one minded.

Hope that some of these ideas inspire you to throw a FANTASTIC Rapunzel Tangled Party!

If so, drop me a line!

and don’t forget to visit Disney Family, and Super Mom… she’s my resident favorite, fellow Arizonan, and new found friend!

Happy Practical Partying!!

~Ashley If any of the above looks TOO INSANE to contemplate, I’m still selling Tangled Party Decorations on my store… drop on over! Mention you came straight from, and get a discount!


50 comments on “How to Host a Tangled Rapunzel Party

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  2. Laura
    February 27, 2011

    Great ideas for the Tangled theme party. I am throwing my almost 4 year old daughter a Tangled party on March 5. I am using most of the ideas you have listed here. Another good idea that I came up with is I purchased a cardboard castle off of that you assemble. The kids can “paint” the castle (I am going to have crayons and markers) as an activity. I had the picture of Flynn blown up into a poster ($3 at Kinko’s) for Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn. I opted to print the flags and put string on the back of them and hang them up. Like you said, you are going to spend the money on cloth or ink. Glad your party turned out great!

    • ashley
      February 27, 2011

      Fantastic ideas for the cardboard castle, Laura! I found it, here:

      ‘Coloring Castle Party Supplies’ by Yue On Offset Printing Co.LTD for $21.99

      Good luck and please send back pictures! Would love to see how yours turned out!


  3. Eileen
    April 25, 2011

    Hi, do you still have the purple flags you made? Would you be willing to sell it? Thanks for all the fun ideas! 🙂

    • Ashley Ludwig
      April 25, 2011

      I do, and, yes! How many strands would you like? Where in the world are you?


      On Mon Apr 25th, 2011 12:00 PM PDT

      • savannah
        September 27, 2011

        that is cool B)

  4. Eileen
    April 26, 2011

    How many did you make? What do you think for price?

  5. Eileen
    April 26, 2011

    PS. outside chicago

  6. Eileen
    April 27, 2011

    Hi, how many strands of flags did you make, what would you want to sell each one for? Thanks much!

    • Ashley Ludwig
      May 5, 2011


      Did your package arrive yet? It’s on its way!


  7. Ashley Ludwig
    May 17, 2011

    Due to high demand, I’m now selling the pennant flags, tiny pennant skewers, and lanterns at my Etsy store… the link’s here:

    Or leave me a comment!


  8. nicky
    June 10, 2011

    I have never known anyone to go through such a lot of effort for a party – you really are a supermom!

    • Ashley Ludwig
      June 14, 2011


      Thanks? Ha! My madness seems to rear it’s head during spring and fall… Right around the girls’ respective birthdays.

      Just wait to see what we did for dd#2’s traditional Haunted Birthday costume party last October… I think I will spare everyone of that until at least August!!!

  9. Melissa
    June 21, 2011

    Thanks for the awesome flags- we loved them! Here is how our party turned out…

    • Ashley Ludwig
      June 21, 2011

      Awww, Melissa! The flags look gorgeous on your patio… You did good on the door braid, too. Who knew yarn could get so, um, TANGLED!!! Love the walmart tangled rapunzel cake, too. I’m always surprised by how good their bakery is. Well done, mama!! And your site: is beautiful!

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  11. Lori
    July 19, 2011

    Thanks for all of the great ideas. I love them all! I will be throwing a Rapunzel party for my daughter (Turning 4) in Aug. Thanks for sharing!! I’m a fan of SuperMom too!

    • ashley
      July 19, 2011

      My pleasure, Lori!

      SuperMom ROCKS. Not only did she inspire the party, and the decorations, but her craftiness inspired me that I could do anything! 🙂

      Take lots of pictures! What’re you doing for the cake?

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  13. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  14. Susan Johannessen
    August 18, 2011

    Thankyou for so much inspiration! As a mother of six (now a grandmother of five), I have given and attended many theme parties over the years. Sometimes I will have a party for almost no reason just to experiment with decorations etc. Decided recently after seeing a ‘Tangled’ balloon in a party shop that I would throw myself a ‘Tangled’ birthday party next month. I have very long hair so this is quite fitting (even for a grandma?). I love to hand make party decorations, treats, prizes…and will be glued to your wonderful suggestions in the weeks ahead. Currently searching for combs or little hairbrushes as take home favours. Now, off to watch the movie again! Sincerely, Susan

    • Brittanie Calvert Brown
      September 5, 2011

      I am in the middle of planning a Tangled party for my daughter. I found purple mini brushes and hand mirrors at walmart. They were packaged together for $1! They had pink ones also. I put them in a Rapunzel cup with a sheet of stickers for party favors!

  15. Ashley
    August 18, 2011


    Excellent. You need us to help, just let me know.


  16. Catalina Considine
    August 28, 2011

    I loved your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Ashley Ludwig
    August 29, 2011


    Thanks! If you need any help, let me know!


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  20. Traci
    September 29, 2011

    These ideas are FAB! I’m researching and planning my daughter’s 5th Birthday and we are doing Tangeled theme too!


    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

    • Ashley Ludwig
      September 29, 2011

      Thanks for chiming in! If you need any help with decorations, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. 🙂

      All the best,


  21. Anita
    October 8, 2011

    Had a great Tangled Tea party for my daughter last weekend. Check out my photos
    Looks like you had a great party

    • Ashley Ludwig
      October 8, 2011

      Very cute, Anita. Tangled tea. Sweet ideas–thanks for sharing!

  22. its great post for Tangled theme party.its really rocking. i liked it and specially Rapunzel Tangled Tower Cake i liked most.

  23. Amy
    October 25, 2011

    My 13 year old came up with a great game that I haven’t seen online…yet. This is for those parties that may have a few boys at it.
    We are going to use them next week for my daughters 5th b-day. (Her birthday is on Halloween but we are having the party the Saturday before)

    Maximus’s Bobbing for Apples

    We are useing a black halloween caldron and red delicious apples with long stems.

    We are also useing a version of the hair jump. But doing Tug of War in stead. Using a long “hair” rope that I found on Supermom’s website.

    Thank you both for the ideas, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for all the ideas

  24. Lisa
    November 30, 2011

    Wow…just found your page while looking at Tangled stuff on the Disney site. My DD loves Tangled too. You are amazing!!! Well done. I am sure that your daughter will cherish these memories forever and she’ll be just as creative when her time comes to be the mummy throwing the best parties ever. Thanks for sharing your idea’s…it’s great inspiration.

    • Ashley Ludwig
      November 30, 2011

      Thank you, Lisa!

      Let me know if you need any help on your party!

  25. personal development
    January 5, 2012

    You’re really a excellent webmaster. The site loading speed is amazing. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterwork. you’ve done a wonderful activity on this subject!

  26. kyotzeta
    March 6, 2012

    Got to agree with the above…super work on the party, and super nice of you to help all us numb-brains think of games and such. 😉

    I really wish my dad was still able to make his cakes. He almost never did the whole fondant thing, but he basically painted on them. Palette knife and little bowls of his basic powdered sugar frosting, each carefully colored with his favorite gel food colors. I remember one year he made my brother and I cakes (we were both summer b-days, so they squooshed us both into one party. ) and asked what we wanted on them. My brother asked for Smoky the Bear…and I wanted a black unicorn. Not purple, not dark blue…black. Long story skipped, a lot of little kids went home with wet clothes and dyed purple skin. *giggles*

  27. Tammy
    March 6, 2012

    Try contacting you through Etsy, but it would’t work? My daughter is having a Tangled birthay party and I wanted to make the lanterns like you did. I was going to use purple scrapbook paper and then glue on the yellow starburst. I see that you had these for sale back in January. Are there stil any already cut that I can buy?

    • Ashley Ludwig
      March 10, 2012

      Did you see I released these again? Let me know how else I can help!!

  28. Ashley Ludwig
    March 8, 2012

    I am putting the sunbursts back up for sale… Go check them out…


  29. Sante
    July 20, 2012

    Hi Ashley, I live in CapeTown South Africa. Having a Tangled party in October, will you be able to send me my order to Cape Town or not?

    • Ashley Ludwig
      July 21, 2012

      Absolutely! just make sure you order 30 days in advance, and communicate your address before placing order, to verify there are no shipping overages. I ship priority international…

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    on How to Host a Tangled Party | Recession Home.
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