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Academy Awards Oscar Party @ RecessionHome

Are you watching?

Here’s how we’re watching the Academy Awards tonight @ Recession Home…my husband think’s I’m overly optimistic, as we’ve tried to watch for the past 6+ years, but watching the Oscar’s with the kids leads to fits of boredom, and pleading for us to put on a more “fun show!”

I went online and searched for some already made bingo cards, but found nothing! Instead, I made my own!

So, this year, here’s the plan:

  1. Pop a big tub of Orville Redenbocker Movie Theater Butter Popcorn
  2. Print out enough OSCAR PARTY BINGO printable cards for the whole family — I designed these for my kids. Feel free to copy and print, or make them for yourself!
  3. Retrieve enough Tokens for all: M & Ms, Pennies, or paper cut outs — at least 20 per player

Whoever fills up their row first wins! Play again and again throughout the evening!

It is my sincere hope that we’ll actually get to watch most of the Oscars this year, by doing this. Even if my friends all think The King’s Speech will win it all.

Good luck, and have fun watching!



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