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A Tangled Mess of Thank You’s!

Today, we need to pause and say a hearty THANK YOU!

Tangled Bookmark as Thank You Card!

It’s my resolution to say “Please” and “Thank You” more often. After all, one can’t raise two little girls right without showing gratitude, yourself! Today, we will begin passing out our own Thank You Notes from my daughter’s party, two weeks ago. Yes, it took us two weeks to do it, but we have a new rule at the house. Thank you’s are written as gifts are played with. And my daughter likes to draw things out a bit.

So, in keeping with our theme, we decided to make a special Tangled Bookmark for each party goer as their Thank You. Here’s how we did it:

  • Printed out bookmarks from the Tangled Bookmark — thanks to Disney Family Fun! We used a cream colored card stock that I had on hand, printed 3 across…
  • Cut out bookmarks, one for each personalized Thank You Note…
  • Braid strand with leftover yarn from the banister rail garland. We had TONS left over, remember.
  • Deliver with a smile!

Thank you, again, to my dear friends Bonnie — who cut, and put together MILES of pennant flags which made the perfect valences and table decorations to transform our home into a Tangled Kingdom!

And a special Thank You to Tessa, for her expert cake decorating abilities! We created the perfect Tangled Tower Cake together… well, mostly you. But, now, I firmly believe we can do anything. You rock, my friend…



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