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Summer of Fun – Part 3 – Fountain Tour of Temecula

What to do, when you’re driving around town in need of doing errands, with two little girls that know and avoid the E word like the plague?

I say errands, they scatter.

Therefore, I developed the Temecula Fountain Tour – where we drive around town in search of fountains to make wishes in.

Fountain Hunting

The rules:

  1. If we see a fountain, we stop.
  2. Wishes (pennies) are handed over to eager hands.
  3. No wishes (other people’s pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.) may be removed from the fountains.
How do I carry this off?
We get the business out of the way first — and make only fun stops after. Thanks be to God! Craft stores and Home Depot are considered “fun stops” and can be made on the way home from Fountain Time.
Planning the drive.
  • I review the errands that need to be done, i.e. trip to the office supply store, grocery store, pharmacy, post office, FedEx store, etc.
  • Make the dreaded stop as EXPEDIENTLY as possible.
  • Head to the nearest fountain, and breathe while the girls inspect, make wishes, and tightrope walk around the fountain’s edge.
  • We’ve also discovered several fountains in area ponds, that have ducks and turtles and other critters. I started packing Turtle Food (pond sticks) in baggies, to feed ducks, turtles, and other assorted pond creatures  — because I’m raising Perry Ludwig’s kids, and they like critters. 🙂
Here are some of our stops, and what I was able to do along the way.
Fountain @ duck pond… Near Home Goods, Target, & Big Lots

Fountain by Richie's Diner, Near Post Office, Staples, Home Depoit, Albertson's, & Walmart

Fountain @ Tower Plaza, near Big Lots, Michael's, Hair Salon, and Movie Theater!

Other fountains we plan on visiting:

Redhawk Waterfall – to see my buddy Bev!

Butterfield Center – pool supply store

Old Town – By Theater – just because!

The Promenade Mall – Mama’s gotta shop, too!!

Happy Fountain Hunting!



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