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Nightmare Before Christmas Style Decorations

I bought myself a jigsaw over the summer and I’m DYING to try it out. I’m going to work on this later today, once I get all my chores done.

I want to decorate the house from Fall to Christmas time…with my daughter and my birthday in between, the Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party seems like the perfect theme.

We’ll be staging wreaths topped with a Nightmare Before Christmas Skull Theme…and I’ve been scouring the web.  I ❤ the look… It’s whimsical and fun, not so spooky scary…

Here's the inspiration...

We’ll see how they turn out! I’ll take pictures of the process, and post later. My hope is to do enough for at least 4 or 5 wreaths to hang in and outside.

This is what I’m attempting… minus the clock…

Wreath with skull...

After all, my little Miss’s 6th birthday rapidly approaches! This way, the holiday decorations budget can fold into the birthday budget!

Have you thrown a Nightmare party? Do you want to? Let me know and we can plan together! AND, if you want one, let me know! I’ll get them on the Etsy store…



2 comments on “Nightmare Before Christmas Style Decorations

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