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Best New Rapunzel Party Decorations YET! Ideas for Rapunzel Hair…

When we started preparing our inspiration for the “Tangled” Rapunzel Party, the movie had just come out. We did the best we could with what we had, keeping the decorations stylish and not “Out of the Box” Rapunzel — As you can see on our post: How to Host a Tangled Party. We even came up with super fun games… based upon the life of a REAL Disney Princess!

What I wanted to do was this:

Rapunzel Hair "flowing" from upstairs window...

But, achieving that without breaking the bank? Impossible. Plus, the rainstorm blew any outside decorations out of the water.

Instead, we did a Tangled Tower entry…

Tangled mural that hung in the entry -- shown after party)

and the typical Yarn Stair Bunting…

Yarn draped "hair" on the stairs...

BUT the decorations and game ideas just keep getting better. Here are some new decorations we’ve found that beat what we did…and don’t worry! I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve to improve even on these! But this SpoonFullofSparkles idea on how to achieve Rapunzel’s amazing tresses without breaking the bank — this is priceless. applauds our new favorite party, from SpoonFullof Sparkles…

I had found many other parties that used yellow yarn everywhere for Rapunzel’s hair.  The idea was cute, but I wanted a bigger impact.  Solution: A 100ft roll of yellow plastic table coverings.  It was everywhere and it really looked like hair!

Well, whether you did or not, this is by FAR the best Rapunzel Hair I’ve seen yet.
Well done! If you need help finding anything, or creating your own, just let me know!

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