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Valentine’s Quickie Project – Wreath out your front door with Love this Valentine’s Day

Here’s a redux from last year! Found more of the same from Walmart, for $1.75

….. The Valentine’s Quickie Wreath project…

It’s not what you’re thinking.

The other day, I had a little kitchen money left over from the end of the week. My youngest and I ventured to K-Mart to look over the end of Christmas sales and see what we could get for 90% off. Seriously. It’s January and they’re having 90% off Christmas decorations. Way to get ready for the Ho-Ho-Holiday for next year! Still, it’s almost Valentine’s day, and I never, ever have decorated for the happy heart day that heralds both my husband and my oldest daughter’s birthdays. And I love to decorate. SO, maybe I had Valentine’s on the brain as I was looking through broken ornaments, tattered garland, and ratty little trees. Perhaps we should have come out when it was 75% off, I was thinking.

We turned a corner. What I saw, I couldn’t believe. Pink and red shiny garland. In Christmas wrappings. For 90% off. It was originally 6.99. That means .69? For a broad swath of very Valentine looking garland? I can work with that, I thought, and shoved it in my cart.

We got home and I thought, mantle? No. I’m copying a friend of mine with her scrabble-esque I Love You frames. Draping it anywhere else just seemed cheesy. What I wanted was a door hanger. So, here’s what we did.

  • Wire from the garage.
  • Glue gun.
  • Garland.
  • Ribbon from my endless craft supplies.
  • A heart to make it happen.



Funky Wire Heart Frame!


4 comments on “Valentine’s Quickie Project – Wreath out your front door with Love this Valentine’s Day

  1. Kelly Dickerson
    January 25, 2011


  2. Nicolette Lawrence
    January 25, 2011


  3. Ashley Ludwig
    January 27, 2011

    Thanks, guys!

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