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How to Throw a BRAVE Themed Party: Merrida Style

I don’t do out of the box parties. I think everyone knows that by now. So, I’ve been thinking. Here’s the color palette:

Brave Color Palette

With Merrida arriving in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, in Disney World, it’s time to start mulling over what we know about this new princess.

  1. Obviously. The hair. Rival’s Rapunzel, on a bad hair day.
  2. She’s Scottish Royalty.
  3. She has triplet brothers, who may or may not turn into bear cubs?
  4. She is an archer, the likes that not even Robin Hood has seen.
  5. There’s a mysterious blue, wavering fairy-type thing near the stone dance (That’s what you call those mysterious Celtic Druid type stone circles. A dance. I always thought that inspiring name for an eerie place).

I’m working on finding the Brave Font, and I’m sure my friend Laila, at Two Tiny Loves on @Etsy can probably whip up something amazing as far as invitations once she stops gallivanting around the coast. Ha.

In the mean time, pop over to my BRAVE Pinterest Board, and see what ideas we’re cobbling together for the consummate Merrida party.



One comment on “How to Throw a BRAVE Themed Party: Merrida Style

  1. Lerissa
    January 11, 2013

    I love the tapestry…do you think somewhere like OfficeMax would print a large copy of it? (or is that violating copyright laws?)…I think it would make a great decoration for my daughter’s birthday.

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