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Pin of the Day: Mantle Decorations with Pillar Candle “Lantern” Shades

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…and with so many folks showing off their Christmas mantles, here’s mine.

Christmas Mantle with Rapunzel Lanterns

These floating lanterns gleam over battery powered, vanilla scented candles… purchased at Costco…

I’m making Rapunzel tangled pillar candle shades for our mantle… making by special order this holiday…

Pillar Shades on Candle Stands


Handcrafted, vellum with goldenrod accent sunbursts…

Mantle 3 sided lantern

Now, to put on a holiday show, and dim the lights…

Mantle Pillar Candle Shade


Made to order… on’s Etsy store… 


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