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Pin of the Day! Shell Candles courtesy of Design Sponge and HWTM Pinboard

Love. Love. Love.

Shell candles from tea light inserts, straight from @HTWM and @Designsponge

All that’s needed for this project is your favorite shell collection, a sack of Ikea tea candles, a pan to melt them in, and voila!

This is a project that originated on Design Sponge: as soon as I get my own pictures, I’ll post them. Promise.

I’m going to put these all over the house for our next beach themed soiree. With the amount of shells and sea glass we’ve collected over the past few winter months, I’ll have gorgeous shell candles forever.


With this crew, there’s no shortage of beach days…


Even foggy days at Swami’s Tide pools are the best…


Me & Miss E

Bucket habitat...

Bucket habitat…


A beach made up of nothing but Sea Glass — at Sunrise (east coast) — someday, I’m going there…

I’m going back to wicks and candle wax, because after rethinking the battery powered candle thing… It just doesn’t quite gleam and glow like a true flame.


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