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Tangled Wedding – For all the June Brides out there!

They say when you marry in June, You’re a bride for all your life…

~Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

How many June brides are out there? I couldn’t resist these fun Rapunzel Tangled wedding pictures…look at that dress… My oldest loves this, because she’s the brown haired Rapunzel!  I’m in love with the veil…

And then, there’s the kiss. Flynn and Rapunzel. Made. For. Each other. ❤

I love this idea for entering a Tangled themed wedding…

I’m going to start making these for my store, soon. I

We imagine Tangled Wedding table decorations to look something like this… tiny tea light shades, glimmering and glowing at every table. The perfect take home wedding gift for a Tangled Theme Rapunzel Style wedding…

And an entrance like this would be whimsically fun… Balloons in the trees, and I believe that’s golden tule, cascading from the tower window…

Floating lanterns, available here…

All for the glorious happily ever after of your own…

And as for when will your life begin?

How about now.


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