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Planning the Minecraft Diamond Armor Wolf Quilt

Oh boy. I’m behind. Perhaps you saw our other minecraft quilt project? The pig? That one was a cakewalk compared to the multifacets of the Minecraft Wolf wearing diamond armor (or helmet.) Seriously.


This bad boy was supposed to be done over the summer. Somehow, we finished the Minecraft Pig Quilt and the wolf got left barking at the door!


Minecraft Quilt Wolf wearing diamond armor design


Minecraft diamond armor wolf colors and cut blocks — 6″ x 6″ squares


NOT the master quilter, this quilt is pieced and pinned and ready for strip sewing to finish once and for all our Minecraft Diamond armor Wolf Quilt…

I’ve got the fabric washed and ready to be cut.

The design… uh… sort of worked out.


Strips sewed, then pinned, and sewed again! What a puzzle minecraft quilt making can be! this is so pretty though in shades of blue and turquoise for the wolf

And, basically? we’re ready to start piecing together. 

And a little girl who’s waited OH! so patiently to snuggle up with her diamond armor Minecraft Wolf Quilt.


Now, finished on a chenille backing, the wolf face looks smug and soft in his diamond helmet. She loves it. It’s done. Praise God!


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