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Never Forget Your First Crush: Celebrating my Contract with Hartline Literary Agency

First Crush Inspiration on Pinterest…

When have I not known what to write? That has never been a problem for me. Writer’s block is something to pound through, not something to wring hands over. Perhaps that’s why I write constantly. If I never stop flexing that muscle inside, I’ll never lose sight of the place where story comes from.

Though I change my writer-ly hat from journalist at to blogger to editor to author, I’m constantly writing. Stories that have been submitted to small presses might take longer to see the light of day, but they will come out, regardless. I’m anxiously awaiting telling the world my “Mammoth Secret,” which is due out sometime this fall/winter 2014.

I’m also THRILLED to announce the new partnership I’ve embarked upon with Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency. He saw something with my new romantic suspense, First Crush.

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Long ago, a draft of First Crush was entered as a short (REALLY short) story for the City of Temecula’s Erle Stanley Gardener Mystery Writer’s Conference. It placed 3rd. I still have my certificate, lovingly framed on my office wall. Or it will be, as soon as we move into the new house.

Now, First Crush has once again garnered attention–in its full novel form. The start of a multi-suspense series set in an area not entirely unlike Southern California Wine Country, where we live.

There is a ghost story associated with this tale.

There is a murder.

There is love.

And hopefully, redemption.

I look forward to sharing it with you all… and thank you, so much to author Raquel Byrnes, and to Terry Burns, for believing in me enough to set it free.


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