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From sweet to romantic suspense, join me as I craft my happily ever after…

Recession Home Recommends…

As always, my Tangled Party merchandise is available online, at my Etsy Store…

See these GORGEOUS Tangled Inspired Votive Shades for your table top…

Tangled tea lights as centerpieces…


These are ideal for our tiny tea light shades…. as well as for hanging inside our floating lanterns! HOWEVER you will need to request custom hangers to slip over the candle “flame”


If you want the look of a candle rather than a traditional votive, take a look at these waxy beauties…


Perfect for placing inside our Tangled Lantern Forms… these can be set on a timer, or have a remote control for easy operation. Too cool.

Here are some of my current titles, available for purchase in print & eBook…

:: Barnes & :: :: White Rose :: 

A widow finds love, a soldier seeks redemption, and a murderous bandit out to destroy them both.

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By Another Name, by Ashley Ludwig

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